List of countries you can visit without visa as a Nigerian.


Mozambique is a southern African country, it is a very beautiful country with a lot of water areas and therefore there will be enough fresh sea food. If you want to eat well and have a nice vacation try Mozambique out.

2. Samoa

Samoa is an island close to the pacific ocean so it is a wonderful and beautiful country to explore. There are beautiful beaches close to Samoa therefore there will be enough seafood and a new culture to explore.

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country in south Asia. It has a lot of tourism centers and is very rich in vegetation. Tell me why you would not like to visit Sri Lanka


Kenya is a country in East Africa. It is a country rich in Savannah and has high mountain lands. It is also a home to wildlife and has the highest mountain in Africa.


Gambia is a small West African country which is abundant in wildlife and also it is known for its beaches.


Bangladesh is a South Asian country with lush greenery and many waterways. It also has the world’s biggest mangrove forest, amazing right go to Bangladesh and see.


Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation which has low plainlands and also has beautiful tourist attractions.


Madagascar is a country in East Africa and is rich in wildlife and also world’s second largest island country.


Iran is a middle East country well known for its artifacts and also a tourism attraction. It is also known for its unique culture and high mountains


Vanuatu is a country close to south pacific ocean made up of about 80 islands. It is famous for its coral reefs and canyons.


Dominica is an island Carribean country with plenty of mountains. It is a wonderful place to visit because of its plenty food and also the mountains


Barbados is an Eastern Carribean island country with great beaches and beautiful resorts it is a paradise on earth with lots of tourist attractions


Maldives is a small island country in South Asia. It is rich in seafood and abundant water areas so you can take a vacation or resort in Maldives

14.Fiji Isalnds

Fiji Isalnds is a collection of about 800 islands and is in the southern pacific region. It is highly tropical and a very good tourist place.


Mauritius is an Indian ocean island nation is well known for its beaches, rainforests, wildlife and hiking trail

16. Palau

Palau is a collection of about 500 islands. It is a lovely place to visit because of its corals and also some volcanoes and other nice places you can see. It’s a perfect place for honeymoon

17. Seychelles

Seychelles is also another country which consists of about 115 islands. It’s home to corals, reefs and nature reserves it is a very wonderful place to go and take a chill break.

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