5 Psychology Tricks You Need To Have in Your Arsenal.

5 Psychology Tricks You Need To Know

You probably don’t know this about me—I love psychology! There’s something to be said about reading what is in a person’s mind through words, actions and expressions. It is important to know that, as people, we are not the same; and this world would be boring, as well as static, if we all didn’t have our differences.

In truth, the world would be a much better place if we could strive to understand the intentions of people around us, instead of just assuming at a surface level.

That’s just by the way: I’ve put together some cool psychology tricks that’ll allow you to engage a person’s mind on a much deeper level. Ready or yes—here we go!

1.  Never Lack Attention in a Convo.                           

You’re in a discussion with a friend (or a colleague), and you desperately need to prove a point. Maybe, you’re trying to tell someone about your day, or a story that is personal to you.

There’s just one teeny-weeny little problem—the person is obviously not listening!

Chances are; you probably don’t want to look cheap by yelling, “Hey! Listen to me, I’m talking here!” right?

The cool thing will be to ask simply, “Would you like me to continue?”

The trick is that, by taking permission, you make the person feel like he/she has power over the conversation, and that continuing was his choice alone. Trust me: he’s going to pay a lot of attention.

2. Make Someone Feel Uncomfortable.

Have you ever looked to find that someone was staring at you? And not just for a short time either. For women, this could be a problem that has recurred over time, and you may have already resigned to fate, and probably allow the pervert to ogle all day long.

Rest assured; the solution is to keep looking at the feet of said ogler. Yes! Just keep staring at those shoes—it’ll make them feel like they’re under scrutiny and they’ll surely keep their distance after that.

3. Cause Someone to Like You Instantly.

I know what y’all thinking, and No! I’m not talking romantic interest here. Go find some other way to impress your crush. #LoL

The situation I’m referring to here is a little more different: moving into a new neighbourhood, church, or workplace can prove to be tasking. You don’t want to feel like the odd one out, and you’d probably want to make new friends too.

The trick is to approach someone, and ask him (or her) to explain something—anything—to you. Doesn’t matter if you know the answer. You may not know this, but teaching is opening your heart to someone.

Don’t forget to say thank you—chances are, you’ve just made a new friend.

4. Compel Anyone To Say Yes.

Apart from food and water, another primal need of man is the need to feel important. Like it or not, your head swells when you receive a compliment or a gift. Even when a friend calls you after a long time, you are happy that someone could remember you.

That’s exactly how this trick works. Want anyone to say yes to you? Start with this statement: I need your help. By using the principle above, you are more likely to receive what you asked for.

5. The Power of Eye Contact.

Finally yet importantly, is one of my personal favourites—the lie-catcher. We’ve all been in that situation where you know someone is lying to you. You just have that gut feeling that what the person is saying is not true.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to come across as rude by stating the obvious. The trick is to pause that conversation, and keep eye contact with them. This non-verbal psychology cue will make them think you already know the truth; they’ll start to feel uncomfortable, and will definitely start elaborating on their thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Note that this is psychology, and their probability of working may not be 100 percent—but you’d agree with me that they’re definitely worth a trial.

I need your help. #wink. Comment if this article has been beneficial—and share to anyone that’ll find this useful (which is, of course, everyone!)

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