5 Things I miss about my Childhood

Gone are our childhood days, that was the most fun, innocent and interesting part of our lives, cause we had nothing to worry about. We just lived in the moment. We didn’t care about what people thought, We trusted people so much, that whenever they wronged us, all they need do is get us sweets and chocolates and we run back to them, that’s how innocent we were.

I miss my Childhood, no lies about that. I miss my 0-10 years. I guess from 11 we were looked at as adults. I’ll be dropping 5 things I miss about my Childhood:
1) The Games: The games were classic even though they had weird names for example( bread and butter, Biro fight, mummy and daddy, X and O, ten-ten, rock- paper-sccisors) those were games, and the excitement that came from those games, words can’t describe.
2) The Cartoons: Cartoon was a big part of my childhood, From Samurai Jack to Ben 10, Mega XLR, Pinky and the Brain you name it, the list is endless. I loved Cartoons. I skipped school for cartoons that’s how bad it was.
3) Snacks: Childhood Snacks were bae. I was so particular about that, goody-goody, pepper snack, robo. Please do well to drop a childhood snack you miss down in the comment section 4) The Innocence: Little kids who knew nothing, we were so innocent that we fell for our parents trick all the times. I’ll drop a very common one, I’m sure every Nigerian Child faced. Remember when your mom told you to run and go get your shoe, that she would wait for you and then when you came out, you found out she had already gone. Come on, it just can’t be only me. 5) Little Expectations:Our parents had little expectations from us as children, which were not more than( Go to bed early, make sure you pass your examinations, do your assignments) I miss those days that those were the only expectations.

Childhood days are memorable. I had a wonderful childhood and I’m happy to say that, and when I mean wonderful, I mean there are a whole lot of things that happen with young children, some of which may be physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, being exposed to the dysfunctions of their parents marriage,and I must say that is a very tough situation for a little child to deal with.

All thanks to God and my Parents, I didn’t face any of such as a child, I was able to do the same things my mates were doing, and I’m sure some of us here can say same. I guess one mistake we all made as children was that we wished to be grown-ups, right from the time we looked forward to using Biro that’s when it all started.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who missed her childhood days, If you do as well, please drop one thing you miss about your childhood and one memorable experience you had as a child down in the comment section and I’ll reply if I had something similar. If you read to this point, you are amazing and I love you.

10 thoughts on “5 Things I miss about my Childhood

  1. I miss the pampering. The “he’s just a child” immunity. I miss cartoons, no judgements and critics, just pure innocence.

  2. Awww I miss the fact that we never had to worry about anything.
    We were one but now a lot has separated us.
    Cliques, class, beliefs and just many things.

  3. I miss the games I played. Especially getting leaves, stones, flowers and cans to cook food. ???Good old days?❤️

  4. I now miss the way I always waited for SpongeBob and Jimmy Neutron…..Kai…I miss playing with shells? my dolls, my doll house….ok, I’m crying….

  5. This made me smile and Cry at the same time
    I think this is among the best you’ve written so far
    I know better are to come
    I miss a lot from my childhood
    I can’t begin to name them
    I miss not having to worry about love
    Not over thinking my life
    Not wondering if I’m a likable person or someone that nobody likes
    I miss the days when I wasn’t so faded
    Wish I could go back to the day
    When it was only night that made me afraid
    When it was only lions and tigers, but now it’s heartaches and liars
    And wondering, “Just what does the future hold?”
    Cause I don’t know

    KEEP IT UP??❤️?

  6. Yh ? I remember wanting to be among the Biro users, I missed wafers (10naira own) and lots more ?. But we have to grow up eventually

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