How Laycon and Ozo are Exhibiting Tony Umez’s Vibes.

So much has happened in the Big Brother Naija house since last Friday. The show is no longer for the faint-hearted, except your favorite is not a strong contender in the game.

A drunk Erica, and an overly caring Laycon nearly gave viewers a heart attack on Saturday and early hours of Sunday. In trying to protect Erica from being with Kiddwaya in her drunken state, a good number of viewers asserted Laycon was trying to portray Kiddwaya as a rapist. Thank God that was cleared off when Laycon and Erica later had a conversation that proved Laycon was acting base on what she had asked him to do.

The organizers also wrote an article on the situation that left viewers feeling they were being unfair towards Kiddwaya, as they labeled him a Flirt. This led to a #JusticeforKiddwaya hashtag trending on Twitter. 

Eviction Show.

On Sunday during the eviction show, Kaisha, Trikytee, Tochi, and Eric were the four with the lowest votes and they were up for eviction. The housemates voted out Tochi and Eric. Ebuka shook some tables especially the love triangle between Erica, Kiddwaya, and Laycon.

Erica insisted that Laycon was her friend, while Kiddwaya was her special friend. Kiddwaya claimed he doesn’t have feelings for Erica. While Laycon said he had already told Erica he needed space. 


There was a serious confrontation between Nengi and Lucy on Sunday shortly after the eviction show. This led to an uproar in the house and on social media. It is safe to say Lucy gained herself some new fans.

Ozo had to call a meeting to settle the differences between Nengi and Lucy. He also informed the house that the person he was attracted to was Nengi, while what he shares with Dorathy is pure friendship. Later that day, a conversation between Dorathy and Brighto kind of confirms that she has feelings for Ozo. Well, she has been friendzoned.

As if that drama was not enough, Erica won the Head Of House challenge and chose Kiddwaya over Laycon as her deputy. This led to another uproar on social media. I think this was because she went to meet Laycon to give him reasons why she can’t choose him before going ahead to choose kiddwaya. Her fans claim she met Laycon out of respect for her friendship with him, to some viewers and even Vee (a fellow housemates) she was manipulating Laycon emotionally.

Ozo and Laycon Portraying Same Vibes as Tony Umez.

Laycon and Ozo.

Tony Umez is a legendary nollyhood character, best known for being used by women in movies. He is a popular helpless romantic in movies.

While am I comparing Laycon and Ozo to this character? This is because most of the exhausting dramas in the house are centered on the love intentions of Laycon and Ozo. 

It is glaring that Erica wants Kiddwaya as a man while still getting attention from Laycon. Yet, Laycon can’t take a firm stance concerning letting her go totally. Though he was trying to move forward, and was showing good signs of moving on after asking her to give him space on Sunday.

He has allowed her to once again drag him back to that state of being emotionally unstable due to her actions yesterday. This is a vibe of the legendary Tony Umez.

Also, Nengi has told the house that she has a man outside, yet Ozo keeps following her like a puppy. As opposed to focusing on the game.

Both Ozo and Laycon are investing emotions in women that are not reciprocating the same energy. They are making themselves way too available for these women, thereby looking weak to viewers. Frankly, it is draining. I really hope these two men let go and concentrate on the game. They have good chances of winning.

Final Thoughts.

The game is getting hotter, and emotions are heightened. The neutrals are enjoying the show. However, those with favorites must be ready to defend their favorites and try not to get too drained emotionally.

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