5 Things They Will Never Teach You In School

We all believe knowledge is power and that’s true. A school is a place of learning, where people go to acquire knowledge from teachers who are highly educated in that field.

I wasn’t a school person, a lot of things made me hate school, one of which was waking up early and getting ready for school. I mean if Education wasn’t a necessity, I probably won’t have gone to school.

Now that’s the thing, we feel school gives us knowledge and awareness of things. It educates us on so much, which is true, but then there are some vital things, I can boldly say the school left out of which I will be mentioning 5.

  • How To Handle Competition: No doubt that competition at school is pretty alarming. Everyone wants to be among the top 3 and if they aren’t, they feel they aren’t good enough. People who aren’t mature enough end up hating their competitors and try anything possible to bring them down. It’s high time schools look into this, because they certainly don’t.
  • Mental Health Issues: Our Mental Health is very important, but they didn’t teach us this in school. Our mental health is very crucial and it should be taken care of. We need to understand how to practice self-care, take breaks, support ourselves, and the likes. You will agree with me that this isn’t taught in schools.
  • How To Deal With Failure: A lot of schools punish failure and do not tolerate it at any cause, and for some, they make this policy that if your failure is consistent, you will be forced to leave the school. Schools teach us to avoid failure at all cost, but don’t teach us how these important mistakes help in our overall progress.
  • How To Socialize and Network: Yes, the school educates us on academic knowledge but it doesn’t always give us the practical knowledge we need. For example, The right way to socialize and network with people, How to write a CV, How to get through an interview, and the likes. Schools don’t focus on this and end up not giving students quality advice and support on this, leaving the students to discover this on their own.
  • How To Set Boundaries: Sometimes we need to draw the line and say “NO” to certain things. A lot of adults don’t know how to say No and it has affected them a lot, and it’s sad because even the school that is supposed to educate us on these things, did not play their part.
A boy looking frustrated and paying no attention in the class

I mean no shades thrown at the school, they do a beautiful job of educating us academically, but you will agree with me that there are a lot of things that are supposed to help us in the long run that the school doesn’t look upon and that’s bad.

If you read this part, thank you for reading. Please I would love to hear your opinions on this, what are some of the things, you think should be focused on and taught in schools, but aren’t.

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