Do you know, Somewhere in the Eastern Part of Nigeria, they eat Rice and Yam, I mean Jollof Rice with Boiled Yam and Stew.
Well I’m not surprised. Nigerians love exploring different kinds of foods together and see if they go well. I will share with you, 5 of Nigerians Weird Food Combinations.

Bread and Noodles:

A lot of people who have eaten this, have testified to it’s sweetness, As much as it may sound weird, I believe you can’t tell, till you give it a try.

Bread and Pap:

Have you ever taken this with bread?

Yea you probably know of Bread and Akara, Bread and Beans, but bread and Pap? Inyama.
Wait, before you condemn, this is for sure delicious, trust me, I’ve tasted it and I can assure you it’s not as bad as it sounds

FuFu and Beans:

To start with, I have no words. If you’ve happened to try this combo out, do well to tell us and let’s know if it’s okay to try.

Jollof Spaghetti and Beans:

This is cooked together, and those who have tried it out, said it’s something worth going a second time for, you might want to be on that train. It doesn’t sound that bad, I will probably give it a try one of these days.

Semovita with Milk and Sugar Added:

Semovita pap

Inyama, I almost threw up at the sound of this. I’m a Semo person, but you see this combo. It’s a no-no for me, you could try it out and tell me the outcome. *throws up*

Oh wow, to think of it, there are many more, I just mentioned a few, please kindly join the discussion by telling us the craziest Nigerian Food Combo you have tried and how it tasted, thank you.

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