5 Traps You Should Be Wary of As a Nigerian in Your 20s.

Traps For TwentySomethings

Maybe you’re not in your 20s…yet. Maybe you’re already there. Better yet, you’ve moved past that part of your life—it doesn’t stop you from giving unwanted (but totally necessary) advice to twentysomethings out there #wink. Here are 5 traps that are so easy to fall into, especially in your twenty’s. Follow me!

1. Dating without Intention.

Very, very common. Take my advice for it, guys: it’s easy to fall into the trap of entering a relationship just for sex (which is might-I-mention very bad), money, status—sometimes even peer pressure (Ew.) Seriously though, relationships should be taken with the intention to commit long-term (by long-term, I mean marriage, btw).

Otherwise, I’ve seen friends get hurt or hurt someone else due to selfish intentions…

2. Eating Everything.                                                                                     

I get it—you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight (sorry to burst your bubbles, sweetheart). It’s great (or not). Anyhow, your metabolism will slow down…eventually. That time, I’m pretty sure you would not want to have a weekly sharwarma, pizza, or chocolate habit.

3. Sleep Deprivation.

For some odd reason, business (busyness) is glorified in our society. More often than not, I’ve heard people actually brag that they’ve only gotten about two hour’s sleep in the past few days. How about we start bragging about sleeping 8 hours a night, uh?

Seriously, I’d prefer we live in a much healthier society of normal human beings. Rather than having a bunch of zombies walking around on edge.

3. Using Plastic.

I’m guilty of thiss! #facepalms. Do you guys realize that it’s easier to spend when you’re on cashless? I’m talking transfers, e-banking, and their other relatives. It’s as if the money just flows effortlessly. Plus, studies have shown that it’s so easy for people to use their cards without consciously considering the implications of their purchase.

The best thing is to actually use cash, cos we spend way LESS.

Well, if you’ve got the money, no problem. But regularly spending money you don’t have is a dangerous trap that you just have to stop.

4. Minimal Physical Exercise.

Bodily exercise profiteth little, we know, but as my dad will always say—even that little is important. Exercise has way more benefits than we do give it credit for. Plus, it has been known to overcome all kinds of mental illness like anxiety and depression.

Neglecting this potential opportunity for growth and health maintenance would be regrettable (#NotesToSelf).

5. Working Too Hard.

If you haven’t you really need to read my article on It’s High Time You Were Kind to You! O Nessestri. I know we’re all chasing something; more money, higher status, the “perfect” job, you name it. I see people trade hours of their lives to but stuff they don’t need to impress people they really don’t like.

End this madness. Invest in yourself. Take a break. Go on a vacation (I won’t actually mind someone taking me #InsertsCatEyes). Life is too short! (This is prolly already a cliché. I promise not to use it again).

Please follow these little tips. They’d really help. See ya around!

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