There is more to observation than using our eyes to see the world around us—It involves not only the use of our eyes, but also our brains.

Observant people are quick to notice things, things ordinarily one won’t notice, observant people are sure to notice it. For example, an observant person is likely to notice an insect crawling miles away.

This observant nature can be a blessing and a curse, because sometimes you may notice something, but that won’t be the case.

Let’s take a look at 7 things only observant people would know, and others can learn from.

  1. They can detect when you’re lying: These people are very observant, they notice others body language, facial expressions, so they can easily tell, when a person isn’t saying the truth.
  2. They are environmental minded: When normal people go out, they tend to be on their phones, reading magazines or anything else to kill boredom, but observant people take notice of their environment, and they easily tell when there is something off.
  1. They have good listening skills:
    If you are going through issues at work, or at home or in your relationship, it’s good to talk about it with an observant person, they are able to understand you more and give you handy solutions.
  2. They have a strong sense of orientation: Observant people find it hard forgetting things that they’ve seen. Observant people hardly go missing.
  3. They are logical: Everything matters to them, even the slightest of things. They are quick to correct every mistake you make when talking to them.

Observant people are safe to be around. They can read your body language and tell your mood, just by mere looking at you. If you are an observant person, be happy, because you have a superpower that is rare.

Like I said earlier, it can be a blessing, and it can be a curse, so be mindful.

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