Facts About the Legendary Bob Marley

Today makes it 40 years since the death of Reggae icon Bob Marley. Though he left this world 40 years ago, he is one figure that has gripped immortality through his music.Β 

Life History

Bob Marley who’s real name is Nesta Robert Marley, was born on the 6th of February 1945 and he died on May 11 1981. 

His father was British while his mother was a Jamaican. She gave birth to the icon at age 19, in St. Ann Parish Jamaica. Bob Marley grew up in Kingston.

Due to his bi-racial status, Bob Marley was light-skinned and he was given the derogatory nickname ‘White boy’ by those around him.

Nesta Robert and his friends which include another Reggae icon Peter Tosh, grew up listening to music on American radio. They formed their band which they called the ‘Wailing Wailers’ and it was later shortened to ‘Wailers.’ The band made wave in the 1970s and gathered an International audience before they splitting up to pursue solo careers.

Bob Marley formed his band group and took the central stage as a singer and songwriter. His lyrics portrayed the plights of the people and as such was relatable to many all over the world. He was soon known not just as a musician but a powerful voice for all the oppressed. 

Bob Marley’s wife is Rita Marley, and he died of cancer at age of 36 in the United States of America.Β 

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Facts About the Legend

As a child, Bob Marley was a palm reader. He would peoples palms and make predictions, but at age 7 he decided to be a singer and stopped reading peoples palms.

Bob Marley was a strong smoker of Marijuana. To date, he is known as the face of marijuana.

There was an assassination attempt on his life. He was once attacked by unknown gunmen. 

In 1978, he received the United Nations Peace Medal of the Third World.

His song ‘One love’ was declared by the BBC as the song of the Millennium.

In 1994, he was inducted posthumously into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Marley received the Order of Merit from Jamaica. 

Finally, in 2002 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys.

His Legacy

Bob Marley’s music is still doing well to date. According to Forbes, in In 2016, he was the sixth highest-earning dead celebrity in the world

Marley has eleven children, and a good number of them are keeping his legacy alive. His son, Ziggy Marley is an eight-time Grammy Award winner, with 15 nominations under his belt. He is also an Emmy Awards winner. His youngest child, Damian Marley is a five times Grammy Award winner.


Bob Marley will forever be remembered for his music and amazing impact on society.

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