5 tips to have a healthy face

Oh no… why would this pimple show up now? I need to look good today! Can’t I have a flawless skin? Phew! I know how you feel. Sometimes you’re scared of looking at the mirror and seeing blemishes, dark heads or breakouts on your face. Then, you say to yourself I just want healthy skin!

You’ve tried all the skincare products you get your hands on but they don’t just work, but have you ever wondered maybe you’re doing it the wrong way? Your face indicates whether you’re happy, excited or stressed – of course it deserves to be healthy. But there are some few beauty tips you should follow to achieve this.

Read on to discover 5 beauty tips to have a healthy face.

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7 tips to have a healthy face
  1. Your diet matters

Whatever you consume, the result tends to be visible on your skin first; beautiful skin starts from the inside. Eating a diet free from fats and excess sugar promotes healthy skin.

Your diet should include fruits and vegetables. These “free gifts of nature” improves your skin generally by providing it with the necessary vitamins it needs to glow.

  1. Remove your make-up before hitting the sheets

Wearing make-up can make you look beautiful and attractive, but you don’t want to leave them overnight on your face! At night, your skin needs to breathe through its pores and relax. Having make-up on can clog pores which eventually leads to blemishes and/or blackheads.

Don’t have a make-up removal? Not to worry. Pour some olive oil into a cotton pad/wool and gently massage the oil onto your face to get rid of the make-up and dirt.

 Exfoliate your face once or twice weekly to remove layers of dead skin cells. This leaves your face with a more healthy glow and brighter appearance as well. You could do this at home by making a paste with walnut powder and yogurt. The antioxidant present in walnuts removes dirt and promotes radiant face.

  1.  Don’t cheat nature when it calls!

Good sleep at night is important for every system of your body which includes your skin. If you don’t sleep well, the effects are visible dark circles under your eyes and a sluggish day.

Manage your stress and create time to do the things you enjoy and relax – it helps your skin and body systems. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, making the skin oily.

  1.  It’s important you sweat

Hold on! I know you don’t like sweat or hot conditions, but it’s important for your face. Carry out exercises that could make you sweat regularly; it cleans out your pores from the inside. Should you allow sweat dry up on your face? No! This soaks up bacteria swept into the sweat.

  1. Hydrate yourself

Water is the best relaxation drink you can offer your skin. Drinking lots of water daily(at least 8 glasses) acts as a natural detox and cleanse all toxins from within leaving your skin radiant.

Eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content such as water melon, cucumber, grapefruit, strawberries and orange – they help to supply your skin with the moisture it needs…in case you’re not tasty!

Bonus tip: it’s recommended that you drink water from a blue coloured bottle since it has a cooling effect.


To achieve a healthy face, it’s also important that you maintain healthy habits and lifestyle. Follow the tips you’ve just learnt and be sure to have that beautiful skin you desire.

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