What You Need To Know About Your Teenage Child.

Questions always come up when discussing any topic that centers on parents and teenagers, and I get that this is so because parents do not fully understand their teen child. Whenever there is a lack of understanding, it’s normal for questions to be asked.

Why are teenagers annoying, disrespectful, difficult to put up with? Why do they do, what they do? These questions are similar to the ones you keep asking, right?

What You Need To Know
1) They need you to put yourself in their shoes: Have your teen child out of anger, said “You act like you don’t know what it’s like to be a teenager” Give your teen child a break, sometimes they want their space, you’ve been in their shoes before, don’t take away their freedom, give them their freedom, but guide them on the right path to go.
2) Forcing Your Will On Them Won’t Change Nothing: This will just make them hate you, be scared, and hide things from you. They might do what you want, but not cause they want to do it, but cause they are scared of you and you’ll just create that distance between you and them.
3) They need your support more than you think: A lot of reasons why teenagers don’t participate in any activity or don’t involve themselves in anything, and you feel they are always spending their time on their phones, it’s because, they don’t get your support on anything, at least you can think of one time your child really spoke to you about something he/she was really excited about, what was your reaction to it? do you see now? They need your support, encouragement, attention, especially when it comes to things they love and constantly talk about.
4) Little things matter to them: Some parents don’t even know the little of things about their children such as Age, Date of Birth, Best Color, Favorite Food, and many more, then you expect that child to be your best friend, come on, be realistic.
5) Bring Back The Excitement: You normally have a Family Day Out, A Girl’s Night, Movie Night, and the rest, but you stopped all that, cause you feel they’ve grown up. No, they really want all that back. It helps to bond.
6) They have every right to be angry: They are not always right, neither are you. Nothing gives a teenager much joy than when their parents admit that they are at fault and apologize. In a case, where you feel you shouldn’t apologize as a parent, but blame it on your kids, then they have every right to get angry
6) They hate being Compared: Oh you cry when you see your child into drugs, distancing themselves from everything, commit suicide, having bad grades in schools, and many more bad things. Permit me to say, not all of these are caused by peer-pressure, but as a result of comparison from their parents. Teenagers are different, a child does this, doesn’t necessarily mean your own child can do that same thing, work on your child strength and let him/her do what they love doing
7) Abusive Words Get to them more than you think: For You, It’s just a word you said out of anger. For them, it’s something they start living by. It hurts more when parents use abusive words on their children than when friends do, and they start to live by that, and they no longer feel bad, so whenever you say it, they tell you, you are right and that they are aware.

Teenagers are not difficult, not hard to deal with, not whatever word you may have used. All it just takes is a little bit of understanding, see where they are coming from, pay attention to the little things, and see how you bridge the gap.

If you have any questions concerning your teenage child, or your teenage sibling or friend, It could be personal or general, please do well to ask in the comment section below and get your answer. It’s high time parents know this, if you agree, drop a comment and kindly share.
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