7 Totally Unrealistic and Incredibly Annoying Things We Often See In Movies.

Okay…so first of all, I’d admit that there’re movies and movie scenes that make us feel like our very lives are playing out on screen. But, tbh, there’re as many movie scenes that’s certain to leave you scratching your head, like, “Seriously???”

Worse yet, there’re some that are so irritatingly cliché you’d be forced to wonder what the filmmakers were thinking when they made the scene. Right here are 7 unrealistic—not to mention annoying—stuff we often see in movies.

1. Knocking Someone Out With a Single Punch.

If ya want to knock someone out, it’s probably gonna take more than just a quick chop to the neck; but you’d never know from how often this causes knock-outs to villains in movies. If movies were a little more realistic, we’d see our villains feeling sleepy as a result of their concussions.

2. Villains Fighting One at a Time.

You’d think that when a hero is surrounded by villains, they’d all synergize and attack all at once! No o. At all—their own is to stand around and watch while the hero easily defeats them one-by-one. Like Seriously?

3. Shooting Scenes. Arrgh!

Imagine this, Ten trained soldiers with automatic weapons, a couple of snipers, and a helicopter gunship shooting at the fleeing hero. The only thing they manage to hit is the ground just behind the hero’s feet. LMAO.

No, no. Hope you haven’t forgotten this one: Good guy jumps behind some furniture. Bad guys unload 1,000 rounds into it, and none of them go through! (I’m screaming “Nooooo” now just imagining eet!!)I Like is the couch made of uranium or something??

4. Effortlessly Hacking a Complex Firewall.

We’ve all seen this one.

“Gimme a second. These firewalls are practically unbreakable!… lemme just… bypass the…ten seconds of hitting random letter keys on the keyboard. Now to just…and I’m in!” slams the enter key and turns to the protagonist with a grin”.

Hhahahahahahahahahha…LMAO. Computer geeks would agree that hacking is soooo very easy #wink.

5. Irritable Excuses.

Remember, “There’s No Time to Explain!”

But there’s time to explain there’s no time to explain. LMAO!

6. Let’s Not Forget Huge Breakfasts.

“Mom has prepared a feast that could feed the whole neighborhood, but it’s only for her two children and her husband, who is already late for work and takes a single piece of toast on his way out the door.”

I kenttt stop laughinggg! Try that in my house and there’s no food for you for another week. LMAO.

7. Screaming “No” like Forever.

When something traumatic happens to a character in a movie, they never unleash a guttural scream. Nope! Instead, they shout the word “No” for as long as humanly possible—even often taking more time than whatever caused them such horror in the first place. Smh.

If you love movies, you’ve probably noticed some of these “tactics” before #wink. Are there any others you think should be added to the list? Feel free to use the comments.  

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