Different people have had arguments on this topic, while some are for it, others are against it. What is alone time? It is that period in your relationship when you just want to be all by yourself with little or no form of communication from your partner. It could be for hours, days or even weeks and in extreme cases, months.

I’m sure you’re wondering how one can go months without reaching out to their partner. Well, there are some offences that might take weeks stretching into months for one to fully forgive their partner. Have any examples popping up in your head? Leave them below in the comments.

It is completely normal for your partner to need some alone time especially when they are overwhelmed with work, family, school and society at large. Your partner opens up to you that they need some alone time doesn’t mean it is the end of your relationship.

Your partner is first a human being before being your significant other. Thus you shouldn’t react negatively when they tell you they need alone time to breathe. Most persons hit with this are introverts.

As a fellow introvert, socializing can be quite exhausting for me. So every now and then, I need to take time off and recharge. This doesn’t in any way mean I’m no longer interested in the relationship or that I find my partner repulsive, no. It just simply means I’m human with needs and taking alone time is one of them.

Communication is key. Taking alone time is good, for both partners, irrespective of different personalities. What is not right is ghosting on your partner or acting immaturely when your partner requests for alone time.

Your partner requesting for alone time is not because they want to cheat on you. Except you have a mischievous partner, you have nothing to worry about.

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