Relationship Lessons from the Women of BBN

Hello, I am back with an amazing piece for your consumption.  I remain your plug for Big Brother Naija (Lockdown) updates. 

Actually, a well careful observation of events occurring in  Biggie’s house has led me into making certain conclusions, and conducting a social experiment on. Today, our focus is on the love lessons to be learned from the women of BBN.

Erica, Laycon, and Kiddwaya’s Love Triangle.

From observations of recent events, It has become obvious that Erica wants a Laycon with the body of Kiddwaya’s. According to her, the mental attraction is what matters the most in a relationship, and not physical attraction.

In her words she said, 

“If I’m blindfolded and I cannot see you. I want to be able to know that I can still love you. And she think in such a state she would want Kiddwaya.”

Due to the absence of mental attraction, she believes her relationship with Kiddwaya cannot progress. However, she has that mental connection with Laycon but it appears she is not physically attracted to him. Even the thought of going to award shows with him was swiftly shut down by her. 

Actually, attitudes like this, have led to the loss of good men. Nobody is going to be perfect for you. You just need to be with someone whose imperfection you can handle. From my life’s lessons, guys like Laycon make great partners. However, women like muscles and money too much to know what’s best for them.

Poor Communication

Poor communication has led to the loss of good men. Erica has told even housemates she isn’t close with, why she doesn’t think she and Kiddwaya can have a serious relationship.

However, she is yet to discuss the real source of their issues with the one person she should be discussing it with. And that’s Kiddwaya.

This also the case of many relationships in the real world. Poor communication has destroyed more relationships than the lack of love.

Being Clingy. 

Lilo has displayed to us how disturbing it is to be clingy in a relationship. TrikyTee literally referred to her as Eric’s shadow, as she is steadily reducing her personality to simply Eric’s girlfriend.

It appears deep down she knows she is losing focus, because she broke down in tears during her diary session stating her relationship with Eric was a distraction. Though promising to make amends she ended doing nothing of such. Thereby continuing to kill her game.

This is an obvious lesson to all women that enters a relationship and revolves their life around it. It is not a pretty sight, and it is unhealthy for your personal development. Learn to give your partner space so you don’t become a shadow of yourself.

Being Too Thirsty for Attention.

I wonder if she does it consciously or unconsciously, but the vibe Nengi has been giving lately, is one of wanting all the attention of the guys in the house. 

Prince and Ozo seem to be in a conflict of interest over Nengi’s affections. And Ozo is withdrawing from the picture and she might lose him for life. Though she claims she wants to preserve her relationship outside the house, with this attitude that might not be achieved.

Queens we all love attention, but when you act like you are thirsty for it you might lose at all ends. Nengi is steadily losing fans, and this is a fact.

Not Letting Go

The inability to let go by Wothani is making her look desperate. She talked of sleeping on Kiddwaya’s bed just to shake tables after he chose Erica over her in a dare game. By not letting go she is doing herself a great disfavor and losing her self-respect.

Be Intentional.

Vee is very intentional in her relationship with Neo, while still keeping her head in the game. This is a lesson to learn from. As women, we can always maintain a balance.

So far the house has been interesting though once again they lost their wager and are not focusing on the right things. Finally, Brighto seems to be the real author of confusion. He is certainly no Christlike. 

Till when next, take care. 

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