Nollywood actress Anita Joseph recently discussed the late musician 2baba’s recent comments regarding the reasons why men cheat on their partners.

In an episode of the South African reality show “Young, Famous and African,” 2baba, also known as 2face, offered an explanation for men’s infidelity.


He explained that in such moments, a man’s focus is solely on fulfilling his sexual desires and not on the emotional connection he shares with his partner.

Anita Joseph

Upon hearing these comments, Anita Joseph raised questions about whether 2baba was indirectly conveying to his wife, Annie, that he would not cease his infidelity.

Chaii, in other words, you’re telling her you won’t ever stop cheating. Ahh Shalom Sha. Odogwu,” Anita Joseph wrote.


Adding further to her reaction, Anita Joseph expressed her disbelief and disagreement with 2baba’s viewpoint.

She said;

Smh naaaa Mba nu. Kaiii shalom.” 

See below;

Anita Joseph

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