I will start by being completely factual with you. I don’t like diving into things like this, but this question is one of the most asked questions, and I wonder why. What have you guys been watching? However people are asking, and someone is gotta tell, yea someone is me, I am someone, you get the joke, let’s move forward *laughs*

Are Ghosts Real?

Hmmm, tough question, but based on research, I was able to come up with this.
Firstly to know if a ghost is “real” you need to know what a ghost is. A Ghost is a dead person who interacts with the living world.

In stories, we know a ghost to whisper or groan, cause things to move or fall, bring about terror and it appears as a shadowy, blurry or see-through figure.

I’ve happened to hear a lot of ghost stories, and I believe it’s the same for you. Creepy but then exciting, it’s always fascinating for people who haven’t seen a ghost before, but if anyone has happened to ever, trust me they will tell you it’s a nightmare.

A lot of cultures believe in the existence of ghosts, some cultures believe if someone dies and the person has unfinished business with the world of the living, then they will come like ghosts to haunt those who won’t let them rest.

Whatever the story maybe, I guess you’ve heard your part of the story as well. Everyone is entitled to whatever they believe, but science hasn’t been able to prove that ghosts exist, but I will love to hear if you believe so yourself, the stories you’ve heard, if you’ve experienced.

If we are oblivious to the saying that ghosts are real,
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