Cha-cha Eke Shows Off Her Fourth Pregnancy, Says She Can Never Leave Her Husband.

Nollywood Actress, Cha-cha Eke showed off her fourth pregnancy with Austin Faani in a new video where she debunked all rumors concerning her strained relationship with her husband, Austin Faani. In the video, the actress also says that she can never leave her husband and kids.

Cha-cha assured her fans once again that her recent outburst on social media over her marriage was as a result of her bipolar disorder ailment.

According to her, something always erupts inside her, which makes her think crazy, talk crazy and act crazy whenever she is pregnant, and she was unaware of the cause of her crazy actions, until she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder few days ago.


In her words, “As has been peculiar with my previous pregnancies, something in me erupts whenever I am pregnant. That thing has been diagnosed a few days ago to be bipolar disorder. It makes me think crazy, talk crazy and act crazy. I am not leaving my husband, I am never leaving my husband, and my children and my home. My family, having a home, being Mrs Faani and mother to the beautiful children God has given me is too much blessing to be taken for granted.”

The actress also called out her brother, Ikechukwu for making comments about her marriage, and noted that she has not seen him for almost two years now.

She said, “Over the years, even before becoming Mrs Faani, there has been an age-long strain between me and the Eke family, so, it is no suprise that my brother will come to say things that will make the issue drag on.”

After she made the statement about not seeing him for almost two years , Cha-cha’s brother, Ikechukwu took to social media and proved Cha-cha false by posting a picture they took together in September 29, 2019. He then told her to enjoy her bipolar.

Ikechukwu talks on his sister’s recent video.

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Meanwhile, 2709updates reported a few days ago that Cha-Cha Eke posted a photo on IG of her and her husband in a loved up posture.

Many of her fans doubted that she was the one who posted this picture, but now we guess it is safe to say that Cha-cha was really the one who posted those pictures after she claimed to be back as Mrs Faani in her new video.

What are your thoughts about this whole Cha-cha Eke’s Saga? Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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