Davido Criticized Over Charity Donation Update Amid Fans’ Losses to $Davido Coin

Famous singer, Davido faces a second wave of outbursts following an update on his donation to 42 charity homes hours after his fans made a significant loss to his meme coin.

This came amidst the loss incurred by the singer’s fans who invested in his meme coin, $Davido which made a huge increase a few hours after its launch but crashed by over 90% in under 24 hours.

Amid the unending backlashes trailing Davido, he released a letter from the Coalition of Orphanages and Children’s Homes in Nigeria (COCHIN) regarding his donation from February 2024.

In the letter, the body appreciated the singer while acknowledging that a total of 42 orphanages out of the 52 under the coalition benefited from the funds.

Davido blasted over charity donation update amid fans' loss to $Davido coin

However, while the singer’s post was supposed to generate a positive response, many criticised him for using charity to cover up his crypto-fraud.

Reactions as Davido gives charity update amid $Davido coin fraud

Ugochukwu_96 said: “I just pity all those who invested in the rubb!sh coin of yesterday. Many people lost their hard earned money because they are too stubborn ????. Today you’re giving to the orphanage to receive public praise ????.Same script all the time. Take from Peter and give Paul. No wahala na????.”

Yemihazan opined: “My children school fees was invested in $DAVIDO plis… Give us update.”

Irunnia_ penned: “I am surprised that people still fall for this. This is clearly important and how Nigerians have not yet recognized it is funny.”

lidocaine_v2 reacted: “Where is my money? I used my japa funds to invest in $DAVIDO like you advised. Give me my money back.”

SirDavidBent noted: “Man knows the game. An expert at it.
– Rug folks
– Use charity and giveaway to boju.
It’s still a bit of surprise that many educated people who sing his praises haven’t seen through the pattern yet.????”

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