Social media commentator, Isaac Fayose thinks that the police detaining famous activist, VeryDarkMan for over 24 hours is simply oppression.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, the brother of the former governor of Ekiti state claimed that detention should never go longer than 24 hours in Nigeria.

Isaac Fayose
Isaac Fayose

However, VeryDarkMan has been in detention for over five days without a court order.

He inquired further as to why, despite meeting all standards and more, he was being held by the police.

Isaac said that even though they are right to accuse him of a crime, they still need to file charges against him.


According to him, VeryDarkMan is a good man and keeping him there through Easter is oppression, suppression and killing people’s voices, which is not good for a nation.

He called for the release of Verydarkman and counselled people to always do good and refrain from pursuing unhealthy retribution against others.



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