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Exam Malpractice: See What Auchi Polytechnic Student Did To ₦100 Notes (Pix)


An unidentified student of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state revealed his handling of Nigerian N100 banknotes during the school examination.

The student cheated by writing some answers in the N100 notes and using them in the exam.

Although the identity of this student has not been confirmed, he has committed two crimes, and if he is eventually caught, it may cause him trouble.

One of his crimes was cheating to the examination room.

If he is caught by the school authorities for cheating, the school has the right to suspend or even drop him from school for cheating in an exam.


In addition to suspension, he may also be required to rewrite the exam.

Another crime committed by the student was the abuse of Nigerian currency. The Central Bank of Nigeria warned Nigerians not to abuse Naira banknotes.

The officials promised to crack down on any individual or group responsible for such actions. The Nigerian currency is a symbol of national sovereignty and the CBN Act.

Those who misuse naira banknotes face the risk of six months in jail or paying a fine of N50,000. This means that spraying them during events is even illegal.

This student apparently abused Nigerian currency, and if his actions were punished, it would not be illegal.

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