Food Nigerians Eat That Has No Nutritional Value.

We all want to live healthy, but we don’t want to eat healthy. Gone are the days where farming was the major means of livelihood, by which most Nigerians ate healthy without even knowing. Now, a lot has changed ranging from the kind of work we do, to our lifestyle. These days we tend to eat a lot of junk( unhealthy food) unknowingly just because it taste so good and suits our lifestyle.
Here are 5 Foods Nigerians Eat That Has No Nutritional Value

White Rice

Sounds Familiar Yeah? Rice is a very common food in Nigeria, but what you don’t know is white rice results in your body storing fats it does not need to and it doesn’t have any nutritional value either. Alternative: Eat more of Local Rice and Brown Rice. This contains lots of fibre and vitamins, and it’s the best option for you.

White Bread:

This contains a lot of sugar, and it’s not satisfying, so you are most likely to eat more than you are supposed to and that is unhealthy
Alternative: Eat Whole Grain or Whole Wheat Bread. Sandwich works as well.

Fried Foods:

These are not only served in fast food restaurants, we also make and consume this food at home often. These foods are not healthy, they cause your blood pressure to rise.
Use other methods of cooking such as steaming, baking and so on.

Eba/ Fufu:

This just contains carbohydrates and calories with no tangible nutritional value. Consuming this on a daily will just increase your chance of diabetes.


A very popular junk food. Pizza is not healthy and it contains no nutritional value.
Alternative: Eat home-made pizza, whereby you will be cautious about the things you add to it. This will be very healthy for you.

In order to live healthy, we should practice eating healthy. Please do well to make use of the comment section below, we will love for you to join the discussion, thank you.

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