A 31-year-old man discovered that his soon-to-be wife i.e. fiancée had deceived him about her age, just 2weeks prior to their highly anticipated wedding.

The incident, which gained significant attention after being shared on Twitter by a ship navigator named Danky, has sparked a heated debate among netizens regarding the appropriate course of action for the betrayed groom.

According to Danky’s tweet, the couple had been deeply in love, with the bride-to-be having initially communicated her age as 30.

This information had been accepted by the man, leading them to make wedding preparations and eagerly anticipate their upcoming nuptials.


However, several days before the wedding ceremony, the groom stumbled upon the shocking truth-his beloved partner was actually 37 years old.

In his words;

“He was 31, she was 30 and they were both in love. Two weeks to the wedding, he found out she’s 37. If you were in his shoes, what will you do?”

Danky’s tweet quickly went viral, prompting a flurry of responses from internet users who were divided in their opinions on how the man should proceed. Some advised him to walk away from the relationship, arguing that honesty and trust are fundamental pillars of a successful marriage.

Conversely, other netizens urged the groom to forgive his soon-to-be wife and continue with the wedding.

Netizens Reactions…

@thatEdochick said; “Why was he snooping and checking everywhere now he has seen something he isn’t supposed to see or know.. he should go ahead with the wedding joor this lie is too tiny abeg.”

@Pheeno41 said; “Omoor na God save me o. “I didn’t know my ex girlfriend was 5 years older than me o.” This girl lied to me about her age that she’s 3 years younger.” It was during a conversation with one of her brother about her birthday that I know her real age ,I was shocked.”

@TheDzataNelson said; “Age is just a number. Love “I’m still calculating the numerous lies in the dark.”

@konyeik said; “Relationship based on falsehoods won’t last. Who knows what else is true or false with her, Back to the drawing board man!”

@mister_ade5 said; “Omo, i go comot for the marriage o. Me wey just dey enter my prime, you wan ruin am with your cougar vibes.”

@farmacopoeia said; “Love forgives. She has her reasons for withholding such information and as long as it dosent serve to harm or ruin, he should go on with the marriage but with a different person.”

See below;

'Omo, I go comot for the marriage o' - Reaction as groom shocked as he discovers fiancée's real age 2weeks to wedding

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