Pep Guardiola is in Japan to begin the team’s tour of friendly matches. In this pre-season, the coach wants to observe all the Manchester City players to assemble his squad. The goal of the club is to win the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup again.

Guardiola has been working at Manchester City for more than seven years and he has already fulfilled his objective in this team, which was to win the Champions League. At the end of the final against Inter Milan he said, “the job is done.”

Now in the Manchester City pre-season, The Sun newspaper revealed that Guardiola will end his contract with the club until the 2025 season but he does not intend to renew and will leave the team that year. Now, in one more season, the club’s managers will have to look for Pep’s replacement.

In an interview with Radio Catalunya, Guardiola confirmed the news. “I will not be City’s Ferguson. Being 25-28 years old, no”, said the coach. Pep has won more than 35 championships in his career and is one of the best coaches in history.


The club that seeks to sign Pep Guardiola
Mundo Deportivo reported that FC Barcelona dreams of a possible return of Guardiola to the club. Xavi Hernández ends his contract with Barca in the 2025 season. Pep could work again with the team that formed him as a player and coach.

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