Many times we find our friends getting better results. Not particularly because they are better than us, but you see it happen. Sometimes we may even be better thinkers, more diligent, more focused, and even more spiritually informed, and things still don’t work out as we anticipated. Other times we are not. Then we feel insecure, and overthink things concerning our lives.

We soon take a stroll on social media. We see their profiles and achievements and ask questions of what exactly we have been doing wrongly. When exactly are we going to “blow” like them? When are we going to make money, have great connections, and probably be in a beautiful relationship like theirs?

Good news is that you have not subscribed to a failure plan. Your dreams are still very valid. You just need to check a few things to know if you really have been doing what you ought to do. Or maybe you have been investing your time, energy, and creativity in things you shouldn’t be doing.

First things first, do you have an idea of what you want? What are your goals? How have you been reaching them? What is your definition of success? Do you believe you can achieve success?

“a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”

(James 1:8)

If you doubt God, and also do not believe in yourself that you can make it, how would you become a success?

The next is like unto the first. Have you been comparing yourself with someone with a different goal? Many people fall into the trap of making carnal comparisons especially with fake people living fake lifestyles.

How could you, a follower of Christ, compare yourself with someone who is a fraudster? Think about it. Does it add up?

Really that friend may be more financially stable, but you have more. You are richer in Christ. Christ is the centre of your life, giving you peace and hope. So, you need to stop comparing yourself with people with different paths and goals.

In order to stop these comparisons, you need to start counting your blessings. Make a written list of at least ten things you are grateful to God for (I’m sure you will think of more than ten things).

Making this list will begin to make you see how much goodness God has poured into your life. You will begin to have more energy towards working on yourself to achieve your other set goals.

Also, you need to start spending lesser time on the social media, and focus on your work and development. Really, if successful people spend as much time as you do on the social media, where do you think they would be? Probably where you are. Lol.

You have to learn how and when to freeze your WhatsApp, ignore your Facebook and Instagram notifications. In fact, you can disable the notifications. You can decide to make social media a reward for you when you achieve your goals. Just do anything that will help you retrace your steps from being the social media addict that you are.

Finally, stop taking everything you see on the social media to heart. Do not let it intimidate you! Do not be intimidated! Rather use social media to your own profit—relaxation, business, and what have you.

Remember, your dreams are still valid, you have God’s blessings, and you have not subscribed to failure.

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