Understanding the importance of honesty can never be over emphasised. In our everyday dealings with humans, the question of being honest arises, whether in dealing with the woman from the store, reporting to our boss, acknowledging a wrong from our colleague and even whilst communicating with our partners.

Sometimes telling a lie is sweeter and easier and saves us the stress from being reprimanded, seen in a bad light or worse, judged. Often times we know being honest is the best thing to do but the fear of the unknown clouds our sense of judgement and leads us to be dishonest even to our loved ones.

We all have at one point lied to our partners consciously or unconsciously and sometimes we get caught and other times we escape the repercussions of our lies. Now we may argue that we do this not because we do not love them enough, but because we care about their emotions and do not want to see them hurt but still, it doesn’t change the fact that you were dishonest. Think of how they would feel if they eventually find out, devastated or happy?

Dishonesty mars a relationship, builds a bridge between partners, brings about trust issues. Personally, I find it difficult to relate with people who aren’t honest, because when you tell me something and I eventually find out its a lie, I start second guessing every new thing you tell me and even the ones you told me in the past, this is what dishonesty does, and I’m sure no one wants to go through this type of stress.

Opening up and being honest with your partner should be as easy as anything. If you find it difficult to be honest with your partner then you need to do some re-evaluation and address pressing issues. Your partner should never have to worry about the things you say to them or be wary of your actions. They shouldn’t have to take anything you say to them with a pinch of salt because overtime, this eventually leads to insecurity.

In conclusion, let’s strive to be as honest as possible in all our dealings, within and outside our relationships. And may the God of honesty be with us.

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