How To Get Justice, Compensation from Lagos State Government Over SARS Abuse.

Lagos state governor, Sanwo-Olu has set up a judicial panel to investigate cases of brutality and harassment by the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) officers.

According to the governor, the panel is head by Justice Doris Okuwobi.

Justice Doris Okuwobi has been put in charge of all investigations concerning issues that happened at Lekki toll gate.

Residents of Lagos state who have been abused by the defunct SARS officers can now write petition against the police unit and send it to the judicial panel.

Furthermore, the Lagos state government has also made provision of compensation for Lagosians who have been abused by SARS officers.

*Note that compensation will only be given to those whose complaints warrant it.

Governor Sanwo-olu disclosed that the judicial panel will start receiving petitions from Monday, October 26, at the Lagos court of Arbitration International Centre at Lekki.

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“They will start receiving petitions from Monday. If you need to send the petition via email, their address is,” he said.

He added, “We will expect everyone that has a case or petition or something to pass it unto the panel. They have been empowered extensively to determine how they run and conduct themselves at the panel.”

He further said that the panel will sit for six months.

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If you have ever been abused by any SARS official, and you want to seek justice and perhaps compensation, you can send your petition now to this email address,

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