How to handle your Annoying Sibling

How to handle your Annoying Sibling

Do you know that feeling when someone shouts at your sibling or maybe even go as far as hitting your sibling or making an abusive statement at your sibling, there is this deep irritation you have, like who dares to talk to my sibling in such manner, like I’m the only one allowed to do that to my sibling, no one else.

My own definition of siblings are children who are born from the same parents, with different features, abilities, strengths and weakness and are meant to put up with each other for life. Siblings can be the most annoying creatures in life. They are a pain in the ass, is it from the sharing of daily chores to the wearing of each other clothes or to the argument on how we are going to share the money, daddy or mummy gave us, or to the everyday fights on who is going to clear the kitchen and take the dustbin out. Siblings basically fight about anything and everything. Aside all this crazy part, Siblings have this bond that is inseparable and no matter how much they fight, they are always there for each other, to love, to care and to support each other.

Siblings have a way of reconnecting, sometimes you notice when you wrong your siblings, you just don’t apologise to them by telling them sorry, you could just basically do something and through that way, you guys get talking again. Let me use this scenario. I told my sister to help me buy something downstairs cause I was really hungry, so I was waiting for her for so long, that I started getting angry cause she was not yet back. Eventually she got back and when she gave me what she bought, I was more angry cause that’s not what I sent her. I gave it back to her and I told her to eat it, I really shouted at her and told her to just leave my side, so we did not talk to each other for long naa, only for me to come online and see that she sent me a message on WhatsApp even before the whole incident, to share on my status, I just sent this funny emoji back to her and I posted what she sent on my status and from there we got talking back…I actually didn’t apologise as such, but I did something to show we are good. I don’t know if that’s how it works for other people though, but I just know siblings have their way of reconnecting with each other.

I know you are already like the only reason I tapped this link was to know how I can handle my annoying sibling. Let me get to that. Sometimes, your siblings don’t know their annoyance actually gets to you, so always endeavor to speak up about how you actually feel, when they annoy you.

Secondly, try to set boundaries, it helps to avoid fights, let them know they can do this and do this , but if they ever get too close to probably your belongings or your room, then there will be consequences, that makes them aware of their Do’s and Dont’s . Thirdly, don’t normalize their behaviours cause when you do so, you won’t even be able to speak up about how you feel and you will just have to take things the way they are.

Lastly, Walk Away. There are some things that don’t even need your comment or reaction or feedback, just walk away, especially when it has to do with your older siblings, they do be annoying sometimes..My sisters tell me a lot, that I’m very annoying and I know??, so sometimes when you know you can’t do anything about it just walk away, it’s hard but its better.

It’s a very normal thing for siblings to fight, argue, annoy each other most of the times, but if you still find yourself aside all that, defending each other, covering up for each other, loving, caring and supporting each other, then trust me, That’s perfect. You and your siblings are just the perfect match, you have nothing to worry about, and sometimes that annoyance can just be the spice to keep the love stronger( that sounded weird right, but it’s true)

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7 thoughts on “How to handle your Annoying Sibling

  1. This article gets me. Me and my bro, we fight a lot but our apologies are most of often than not through gestures. “Guy come carry pad make i tear you” lmao…. We always have each other’s back

  2. Hey. Nice write up. My siblings and I are grown up now, and we don’t fight as much, but I remember those days.

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