How to Stream Big Brother Naija Live without DSTV or GoTV

Returning for what seems to be an incredible seventh season is Big Brother Naija Season 7. Big Brother Naija Season 7 is currently available for free live streaming online to fans all over the world.

We’ll go through 3 methods to watch Big Brother Naija 2022 live stream so you don’t miss anything from the program, which is expected to be more entertaining this year.

We’ve analyzed 3 possible ways you can live stream BBNaija 2022 show online without an active DSTV Or GOTV Subscription but if you do have an active DSTV or GOTV subscription, you can stream online by reading our guide on How to watch Big Brother Naija online.

Live Stream of Big Brother Naija 2022

The best 3 BBNaija 2022 live streaming channels are listed below for your consideration. Be aware that live streaming uses data and that some websites demand you to have a current membership in order to stream videos, but rest assured that none of the sites on the list below will cost you anything.

1. BBNaija Livestream – BBNaija 2022 Live Stream

BBNaija Live Stream – Big Brother Naija 2022

BBNaija Livestream is a live tv streaming site specially dedicated to watching Big Brother Naija 24/7. BBNaija live stream doesn’t require you to signup and you can watch big brother Naija live. You can access BBNaija live stream both on your mobile device and on a desktop device.

2. Nairacast live stream – BBN Live Stream

Nairacast live stream - big brother naija
Nairacast live stream – big brother Naija 2022

Nairacast is an online live streaming tv site with thousands of premium movies that you can watch online. Apart from the fact that it also streams Nollywood movies, you can also watch big brother Naija 2022 live stream for free. You can access nairacast both on your mobile device and on a desktop device

Nairacast requires you to have an account before you can access their content. So proceed to Nairacast and create an account. Follow the instructions below

Nairacast big brother naija 2019
1. Nairacast Signup
Nairacast big brother naija 2019
2. Nairacast Signup
Nairacast big brother naija 2019
3. Nairacast Signup

Now that you’ve successfully created an account, the next step will be to log in, head over to the big brother Naija live streaming channel and enjoy the show. If you have any questions or you’re having trouble creating an account, kindly comment below and I’ll help you as fast as possible.

3. Toxic Patat live stream – BBNaija Live Stream 2022

Toxic patat live stream - big brother naija
Toxic Patat live stream – big brother naija

Toxic Patat is also another streaming site you can use to watch big brother live but unfortunately, it’s not available on mobile. You’ll have to subscribe to the premium plan in order to stream big brother live on your mobile device.

Listed above are the top 3 ways you can watch big brother online and for free. More Big Brother Naija streaming channels will be added with time.

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you encounter any difficulties, kindly comment below and we’ll be glad to help out. Don’t forget to share this post

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