James Brown Laments Spending N3 Million on Movie Project That Received Poor Views on YouTube

James Brown Obialor, a well-known Nigerian crossdresser and social media personality, recently expressed his disappointment and frustration on his social media account regarding the lack of support for his new movie.

Despite investing around N3 million in the film’s production, James received minimal views and support from his audience. In a live video on Instagram, he shared his feelings with his fans, appearing visibly distressed and on the verge of tears.

James lamented the lack of support for his hard work, emphasizing that despite his efforts and financial investment, the response to his movie has been disappointing.

He expressed his confusion and sadness at the apparent disregard for his new movie.

Additionally, James expressed his frustration at being judged solely based on his sexuality, rather than being recognized and supported for his dedication and creative output.

In his words;

“I spent N3 million on that movie and nobody wants to watch it. Why are you all so mean to me? What did I do? Anything I do you people won’t support me. Always tackling me.”

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