Instagram Influencer Egungun Of Lagos Gifts Fiancée Her First Car

Egungun, who is famous for his interviews and questions about people’s wealth, shared the special moment on his Instagram page.

Pashotah was extremely happy and excited to receive the sleek Toyota Camry from her fiancé.

The couple has been in the spotlight since March 2024, when Egungun proposed to Pashotah, sharing their love story with their fans.

Pashotah’s emotions overflowed as she received the keys to her first car, expressing her joy with screams of happiness.

A photo captured her admiring the new car, proudly showing off her keys while sitting in the driver’s seat. Egungun shared the moment with a caption on his post.

”You deserve it all baby @pashotah congratulations on your first ride baby.”

The generous gift from Egungun quickly became popular on social media, with fans and followers showing their admiration and excitement.

However, some people criticized the car brand, claiming that it is not as good as the Benz he purchased two weeks ago.

Some reactions are shown below:

veevogee said, “Trying to find love in our generation is very hardddd, people are so fast to choose a good time over a good thing. If you find one, don’t take it for granted.”

okah.peace said, “Why Toyota? The question should rather be, why your mama still dey trek. Ehh fine boys and girls. Everytime Choi Choi Choi”.

vina_m_queen said, “Congrats to her ????”. said, “@rote1000 when are u buying my own car ????????????????”.

favouriistic_backups said, “He doesn’t love this girl see the car he bought for her,can’t collect such car from a man”.

sunsherry_of_lagos said, “100m car for him and less than 10m car for his wife to be ???????????????? Igbo girls and understanding ????????????????”.

djbrightstar said, “If you have the funds please run it oooo WOMEN deserve to be properly taken care off. Marry your wife,spoil her wotoporously with great things, gifts, treats etc. Na why em be your Woman Not side matters.”

Checkout photos below:

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