Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma Rowland, has recieved serious threats, in a lengthy post shared by Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, who claims to have video of her and Peruzzi, where they allegedly got intimate, and would release it, if Chioma stepped on her toes. This comes up after Chioma allegedly shared a post about getting Kemi arrested.

“Chioma should just shut up and not step on my toes, before I deal with her MERCILESSLY the rest of this 2020. I hope Chioma Rowland didn’t write this. If I start with her and why she has never been able to enter the United States and post her sex video with Perruzi her ‘cousin’ you won’t like it.” said Kemi in her lengthy post.

Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma Rowland.

In the lengthy post, shared on Olunloyo’s verified Instagram page, the Journalist, warns Chioma and Davido to stay out of her lane. In the post, she also said she can never bring herself to forgive Davido after he insulted her.

I may have forgiven Davido to all of you but I haven’t forgotten how he insulted me and never said the one simple word for his tweet: SORRY!! it was utter disrespect. I don’t forgive people. That is just a lie to pacify you. I just forget. I will truly NEVER FORGIVE DAVIDO PERIOD!!! I don’t need anyone’s opinion.” Olunloyo said in her lengthy post.

Kemi also wasted no time in expressing her disgust for the couple in her post. She also said that she suspects that Davido was the one, who wrote the post allegedly shared by Chioma on her InstaStory.

She said, “Looks like Davido typed this. You two idiots just think because ibiyeomie arrested me, anyone can. You think journalists make up stories. Some of you don’t even know why my case was withdrawn. Adeleke money cannot buy you a US visa nor prevent Coronavirus. Face your life and the marriage you are missing.”

Picture of Kemi Olunloyo / Picture of Davido and Chioma.

Kemi Olunloyo’s grievance towards Chioma and Davido , comes as a big shock to the internet community, as only few months ago, the journalist came out on social media to say that she has forgiven Davido and put all differences between them behind. She also went further, to bless the relationship between the popular musician and his wife-to-be, Chioma Rowland.

Looks like, she didn’t take Chioma ‘s alleged threat to arrest her likely. And now, whatever seemed like her, ‘LOVE and WELL-WISHES’ for Chioma and Davido has turned into ‘HATRED and THREATS’ towards them.

And about her threat to release Chioma and Perruzi’s sex video….,for me, I will only take her threat serious, when she releases the video.

Anyways, “What do you think about Kemi’s threat to release Chioma and Peruzzi’s sex video?

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  1. We know she has personal beef about the couple. But it got limit and she shouldn’t go to the extent of disgracing her and her intimate time with Peruzzi. And I feel the couple has too public about their relationship

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