People Ghost, But Is It Normal?

People Ghost, But Is It Normal?

At one point in our lives, we have been ghosted or we’ve ghosted someone. I’m sure you agree with me on that. Just incase you are not familiar with the word “Ghosting”, It’s perfectly fine. I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about Ghosting.

What is Ghosting?: Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.

Why do people Ghost?: A lot of people ghost for many reasons, research has shown. A large number of people ghost because they feel the other person is not in any way adding value to their life, more of a liability. Why some others say they ghost people because of their safety. In the sense that whenever they hang out with these certain people they do not feel safe around them. I know other people who ghost have their other reasons why they do that.

What are the dangers of Ghosting?: Ghosting mentally destroys people, and the people who get affected by these are the people who are ghosted, cause they start to feel there is something wrong with them, and no-one is there to clear that because you did not speak to them about how you were feeling, you just cut off all contacts with them.

Is It normal to Ghost? : I keep saying this, a lot of people mistake common for normal, which is so wrong. I will bluntly tell you, Ghosting is very common, but it is no way normal. If you don’t agree with me on that, The comment section is open to you to say your thoughts out.

What do you do when you are ghosted? :Like I said, for it to even be called Ghosting, there has to be that personal relationship. So, whenever you feel like you are being ghosted by someone you really care about, please take the first step by talking to this person, to ask, if there is a problem and if you did something wrong, but if the person on the other hand is not ready to speak up or hold such conversation with you, then just move on with your life, cause you were doing so fine, even before you met such person.

I can’t say for other people but I can definitely speak for myself, I’ve been ghosted by someone I cared about and I was really hurt about it. We were close for a long while and all of a sudden, it felt like I was a stranger. I felt bad cause I was the one who was ghosted. a lot of questions started running through my mind like. Did I do anything wrong, Did I at a point say something to hurt you, and at a point it just got me angry with the person cause I felt we were so close to the extent that If I did anything wrong, all you have to do is just tell me, than just cutting off all contacts with me. So trust me Ghosting messes with the mind. It is not normal for people to ghost, we just find it very common. I would like to hear your own personal experience, if you’ve ever been ghosted before drop it on the comment section below thank you

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5 thoughts on “People Ghost, But Is It Normal?

  1. Ghosting doesn’t feel especially if you are the one being ghosted , but trust me sometimes it is also good to ghost some people, especially when you’re not gaining from that person or when the person is influencing you wrongly. Look abi, this ghosting you are talking about is on WhatsApp or social media DM’s abi?
    Look, if you know you’re an emotional person ,try your best to avoid clinging to somebody or enjoy chatting with particular persons, because if they start ghosting you, you will definitely have a breakdown.
    Try more to connect with people physically rather than on Social Media…. seriously, it help alot.

  2. Hmmmm….
    Ghosting is quite a broad topic and people’s view on it varies based on their position in the issue .i.e based on if they were the ghoster or they were the one who was ghosted. I think at a point I have been ghosted by a very close friend of mine I kept thinking about what i did wrong for months!,i was a bit down and i kept calling her to ask what i did,she kept saying nothing and eventually i stoped asking.i have also personally detach myself from some people but this is always after i let them know what they did and how it affected me,but in all i have realised that there is only one friend that won’t ever ghost us,and it is the person of Jesus,He puts up with all our weaknesses and flaws and still gives us grace to overcome them all. Having a good interpersonal relationship is Great but i have learnt not to rely so much on people even friend cause humans are not so reliable,even family memebers ghost sometimes how much more a friend. If you have been ghosted or ever ghosted,ask for what you have done wrong,if no answer is given,check yourself work on anything wrong you notice about yourself and forget the person (ghoster) and just stick to Jesus,He is the best of friend and He will bring your way other amazing friends that will help you in your race in this life.
    Ps:Sometimes people don’t ghost you,they are just busy or not always available due to changes in schedule or activities.

  3. Maybe that’s why I’m like this lol
    Many people have ghosted me
    I also started overthinking ?
    But I’m dealing with it much better now
    I think what I’d do is stop making friends lol

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