Do you know 7 out of 10 marriages have been dissolved in Nigeria due to family pressure? In this part of the world, there is always this saying that “When you are getting married, you are not just marrying your partner, you are marrying his/her family as well.

Family pressure can be quite disturbing when you are trying to sort your marriage issues out, then the pressure from family just worsens it all.

I feel a lot of married people can easily relate to this.
Family Pressure comes in different forms, and believe me when I say the worst form is if the family never liked your partner, to begin with. They create so many problems, that if the relationship isn’t a stable one, it’s going to fall apart bad.

Let me break down the forms for you. There is family pressure, in cases of infertility in your marriage. There is family pressure when it comes to you not being able to balance both families, and what do I mean by that, this means you taking care of your family of procreation, and leaving out your family of orientation. Family pressure comes up also when your wife/ husband’s family feels you are siding your family and leaving the other out.


What Brings About Family Pressure In Marriages?
I believe this is inevitable, and any married person who tells you, they have never been pressurized by family in their marriage, would be lying to you. It is unavoidable but can be handled in the best way possible.

How Do I Handle Family Pressure In My Marriage?
What you’ve been waiting for, I suppose. The first thing to do is for you to talk to your spouse about it, and for you both to be on the same page. Can two work together if they do not agree, No, even the Bible says so.

A lot of times, when marriages fall apart due to pressure from family, it was as a result of the couple not being on the same team. Then next, invite both families to come over to talk peacefully, when you do so, there is this show of respect.

Never make use of “I” when talking, instead make use of “We”, so both parties will know that you took the decision together. Give room for everyone to settle any differences they may have, and at the end of the day, the motive for the meeting is achieved.

In any case, where someone in the family doesn’t want to settle, both couples make a decision, that might not favor the other person, but then can save the marriage.

Wheeew! Deep topic, isn’t it? Well join the discussion by making use of the comments section below, and who knows, someone’s marriage could be saved by you.

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