A female student at Madonna University reportedly gets expelled after partaking in the viral Surround Sound TikTok trend.

Some hours ago, the Surround Sound TikTok trend generated millions of impressions across social media pages following the participation of women only.

The ladies in this trend attached their phones to the ceiling while the majority danced almost half-naked, whining their waists and other x-rated moves.

Barely hours following the trend, the Madonna University student identified as Gennydbaddie on Tiktok was expelled from the institution.

According to a leaked voice note from one of the students of the school, Genny’s file was immediately withdrawn for defaming the institution.

The video has since been deleted from her social media pages.

Reactions as Madonna University expels student for joining Surround Sound TikTok trend

jeffworldwide_ said: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

ask4_vanesa1 penned: “She deserves it , w&sted nine months , at her age , they sent her to school to do this , mtchew.”

wendy_adamma stated: “You Dey secondary school, you Dey misbehaveee ????.”

omalichawa__ said: “I support the motion even if u want to act s t u p I d not on the school premises and not with school property…to top the matter self that’s a catholic school.”

machidalooks opined: “Why will you expel her cos of that? She wants to disgrace herself, then by all means! Did she wear a unit or attached to the university? Abeg!”

Watch the video below …

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