Man shoots friend’s wife to death over N3,000 debt

The heartbroken husband narrated that he was about to complete the debt when the unfortunate incident happened.

A 44-year-old fish farmer, identified as Dauda Jolaosho, has lost his wife after his friend fired gunshots at the couple over a N3,000 debt.

Narrating how the incident occured, the bereaved husband explained in details how one Saheed Olawale, popularly known as Komaye, whom he described as his friend, killed his wife of 18 years. The unfortunate incident occured at Alako Nla Village, along Kobape Road, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

According to Jolaosho, he was lucky to escape the incident with gunshot wounds on his arms, but his wife however, died instantly.

Jolaosho said the tragic event has left him shattered as he never believed evil of such magnitude could come near him, especially from whom he envisaged as a friend.

He said that his deceased wife left behind eight-month-old twins and three other children of ages 13, 10 and 5.

Speaking about the incident, Jolaosho said, This incident actually started on April 23, 2024. I was about to go out when the people that we bought solar lights from came to my house.

“We actually bought these solar lights from them last year in March, we made a deposit of ₦10,000 after which we are now paying ₦1150 every week, the total money is around ₦67,000.

“And I have been paying what is due for this solar light every week what I have left to pay is ₦3000. So when these people came to my house, they said that they wanted to check on Olawale too who is also popularly called Komaye.

“They said that Olawale has stopped the weekly payments and that even when he is called he won’t pick his calls. They said they are left with no choice than to go back with the solar light to their office and they left a phone number with which he can connect with them whenever he’s back from work.”

Jolaosho explained that although he and Olawale had bought the solar lights from the company together, he had no idea that his friend was lagging behind in his payment. He explained that he only found out about it when the people who sold the solar lights to them came visiting.

He further explained that when Olawale came back from work and found out that his solar lights were gone, he began to quarrel with him and was unwilling to listen to whatever he had to say.

He continued, “the following morning which was Wednesday, April 24, Olawale came to my house, picked my phone and left.

“The next thing I saw was his coming with the local gun. While my wife was on her knees begging him not to shoot, he suddenly pulled the trigger and I was hit on my arm. When I looked back I found my wife of almost 18 years in the pool of her blood, she was dead.”

While he seeks justice for the unjust that has been done to him, he also begged for support from the state government and Nigerians to support him in taking care of the five children his late wife left behind for him.

Confirming the incident, the Divisional Police Office (DPO) of Kemta, Wale Famobuwa, said that the woman died on the spot after being shot in the head.

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