Released in Nigerian cinemas on December 15, 2023, “Ada Omo Daddy” adds its heartwarming essence to the array of family dramas gracing screens during the festive season.

Co-produced by Mercy Aigbe and Kazim S Adeoti and directed by Akay Mason and Adebayo Tijani, the film effortlessly captivates audiences throughout its entirety.

The ensemble cast, consisting of both seasoned and emerging talents such as Adeniyi Johnson, Carol King, Charles Okafor, Chinwetelu Agu, Dele Odule, Fred Amata, Mercy Aigbe, Miriam, Morenikeji Gloria, Nkechi Blessing, Omowunmi Dada, Sola Sobowale, Taiwo Adeyemi, Tayo Faniran, Tomi Ojo, Unusual Phyna, and Wunmitoriola, delivers a standout performance.

Set in Lagos, the narrative revolves around the family of Ireti, portrayed by the iconic Sola Sobowale. The stability of her family is unexpectedly shaken when Ifeanyi, played by Charles Okafor, her long-lost ex-husband, makes a surprising call on her daughter’s introduction day. As the family prepares for the wedding, Ifeanyi exerts pressure on Ireti to meet his daughter and walk her down the aisle. The bride, Perosola, played by Omowunmi Dada, discovers that her beloved father is not her biological father, leading to a conflict between loyalty to her upbringing and her newfound connection.

The cast’s performance is outstanding, with Charles Okafor impressively showcasing his enduring talent. Sola Sobowale and Mercy Aigbe aptly embody their roles, not just through their acting but also in their appearances, with the casting team excelling in selecting these actors for the sister characters.


Omowumi Dada skillfully carries viewers through the film, though her fiance’s performance may be perceived as lacking enthusiasm. However, the film’s glamorous presentation compensates for any shortcomings in his acting.

“Ada Omo Daddy” explores themes of love, unity, and reconciliation, transcending ethnic divides. It portrays a love that goes beyond blood ties, emphasising unconditional love for one’s child. The film advocates for forgiveness and reconciliation, highlighting the importance of choosing forgiveness, regardless of the pain we may experience or how others treat us.

The narrative delves into the complexities of pregnancy out of wedlock, showcasing Ifeanyi’s treatment of Ireti and the ensuing drama when someone who had previously abandoned their child reenters their life. This situation turns Ada’s world upside down, exploring the possibilities of reconciliation and the significance of a father walking his daughter down the aisle.

“Ada Omo Daddy” aspires to bridge the gap between Igbo and Yoruba cultures, conveying a message of unity despite differences. It encourages love, celebration, and understanding, promoting a call for togetherness and harmony.

The cinematography stands out with diverse camera angles, immersing viewers in the narrative. The chosen setting portrays Ada/Ireti’s world with a depiction of wealth, luxury, and opulence, effectively contrasting with Ifeanyi’s more modest living conditions. The editing seamlessly glides from scene to scene, contributing to a cohesive viewing experience.

The wedding scene is particularly noteworthy for its beauty, resembling a real wedding with every detail exuding elegance. “Ada Omo Daddy” is undeniably a visually stunning film that promises enjoyment for everyone.

In conclusion, “Ada Omo Daddy” stands as a family drama, beautifully illustrating the impact of love, forgiveness, and reconciliation. It is a captivating film that imparts significant life lessons. From us at 2709 Updates, it receives a rating of 8/10 for its compelling storytelling and visual appeal.

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