Names You Should Never Give Your Pet and Why

Names are very important, aside from the fact that they hold so much power, they also define and identify us. Choosing a name can be very difficult especially when it involves a pet, and quite a large number of people end up giving their pet odd names.
Names You Should Never Give Your Pet:

  • Religious/Offensive Names: I don’t know how people name their pet Lucifer, Budha like really, how is that even sensible? Well, some have justified their action by saying such names suits their breed, like a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler. Don’t try this for safety reasons, you don’t want a pet, that will kill you one day, like I said names are powerful, if you name your pet Lucifer or crazy names as such, It’s going to affect your pet.
  • Names of Deities: People name their pets Apollo, Hades, and want to live peacefully like how. Pets are supposed to be your friend right? Why would you want it to bear the name of the king of the dead? Don’t try this, so you can live long, I know that sounds funny, but it’s true. I’ve watched a lot of horror movies to know that your life will for sure be in danger.
  • Abbreviations: A lot of people who name their pets after this, I don’t know what goes on in their mind. You name your dog G.V. You would have named your pet Iodine, so we will know where you are coming from.
  • Names of Villains/ Super Heroes: Thanos, Thor, and anything similar you could come up with, It’s lame, I mean it doesn’t say much about you, nor your pet, I mean, what was the plan? For your pet to take over the world??
  • Animal Names: Now this is the worst, and I lose my cool with people who do this. Why would you name your dog, Tiger? Does that even make sense, check it again, like that’s dumb, to be honest.
A Peacock

There are so many crazy names, people give their pet, and I have no reason why. You can experiment with other things, but you see names, don’t ever, that stuff is real.

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