NANS condemns effort by anonymous groups to mobilize students’ protest against EFCC

NANS reiterated its full support for the EFCC in its efforts to fight economic crimes and corruption.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NAN) has declared that it is not involved in any protests organized against the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

There have been reports of organized nationwide protests against the recent activities of the EFCC, with many calling for its reforms.

According to a statement made available to the Pulse News, NANS President, Comrade Lucky Emonefe criticized anonymous groups for exploiting students to carry out their agendas.

“We strongly condemn the attempt to use students by these shadowy groups to intimidate the EFCC and distract it from its vital mission of ridding the country of corruption.

“Nigerian students and NANS stand in full support of the EFCC and its mandate to combat economic and financial crimes,” he said.

NANS voiced worries over reports that students are being targeted by anonymous groups to hinder the EFCC’s important work in fighting corruption and improving economic stability.

The association urged students to be on the alert and avoid manipulation by corrupt forces attempting to obstruct the EFCC’s advancements.

Emonefe said, “We recognise the significant impact of the Commission’s work in restoring Nigeria’s integrity and ensuring a secure future for all citizens.

“We are ready to play our part in supporting the Commission and ensuring that Nigeria’s reputation is restored and preserved on the global stage.”

NANS also urged parents, guardians, and educational institutions to be aware of these manipulative tactics and provide appropriate guidance to their wards.

The group also reiterated its unwavering support for the anti-graft agency in its efforts to eradicate corruption and cybercrime.

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