A registered Nigerian nurse who lived in the UK for a while shares unbelievable reasons for relocating to Australia amidst the massive Japa wave.

Nurse Deo, according to her username on TikTok, explained that she sought new adventures because she felt bored in the UK.

Nigerian nurse shares shocking reasons for relocating from UK to Australia

Additionally, she expressed a desire for greater financial stability, noting that her nursing job in the UK did not provide sufficient income, and that the only way to have sustainable income was to do additional agency shifts.

Furthermore, the Nigerian nurse cited the cold weather in the UK as another factor motivating her move, as she admitted to disliking cold climates altogether.

Why I relocated from the UK to Australia – Nigerian Nurse

  1. I was bored, it sounds funny but I was in search of new adventures.
  2. I wanted to be financially stable. The UK didn’t give me that. I do agency shifts in the UK and when I stopped for one year, I realised that my permanent nursing job wasn’t giving me that financial balance. That’s when I realised that not doing extra jobs to survive in the UK is not enough.
  3. I was tired of the UK weather; it’s too cold in the UK.

Watch the video below …

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