A group of contestants at a beauty contest left jaws falling off with their unconventional and crafty hairstyles in different shapes and sizes.

A video making the rounds on social media showcased how talented stylists crafted unique designs on the heads of their clients.

Unconventional hairstyles at a beauty contest sparks massive buzz

The highlight of the hairstyles was one with the shape of a chair, looking almost three times the size of the head of the bearer.

Others include simple styles, even though they had intricate designs that made them look different from day-to-day hairdos.

The video has since generated a wave of reactions from social media users who found some of the hairstyles hilarious.

Reactions trail unconventional hairstyles at a beauty contest

damdy_kiddies said: “Which country is still making this hairstyles na? That babe carry a whole building ontop her head. Olo.”

sandypreneur opined: “The one with a chair on her head…how village people sit down ontop some people matter????????????????.”

adebams_bayur stated: “This one way carry apoti aje for head how she wan take sleep for night.”

kay_o1 said: “Nah the aunty wey carry throne for head win. Based on effort from who make am and she wey carry am..”

olu.fi_ reacted: “They want to break that aunty neck oo! Ahan ???????????????? they put house on the aunty head ni sha ????????????????.”

Watch the video below …


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