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Entertainment - August 25, 2021

Nigerian Parents Are Never Impressed — Rapper Wale


Nigerian-born American rapper, Wale has stated that Nigerian parents are never impressed.

Wale asserted that Nigerian parents are the toughest parents in the world because they are never impressed with the achievements of their children.

He recounted how he once signed with Interscope and a week later his mum and asked him to get a job and it is partly because of the attitude of his parent he is what he is today.

His lamentation was contained in a recent tweet on his official Twitter page. See his tweet below;

”Nigerian parents…. The toughest ..

Remembering when  I signed with interscope
and a week later they asked me to get a job. They never impressed and that’s maybe why I’m like this”

See some reactions from Instagram users below;

Worker mentality pervades the immigrant community in the western world. Not just Nigerian parents 


Moral Lesson: Nigerian parents wants what is best for you even it looks like what fits their personality and not yours. But they do they best they can with the best they have. We love them nevertheless and regardless.


They get impressed, but only with tangible stuffs, what ever they don’t understand is nonsense and wasting of time


At all, NEVER!!!
As long as you’re not doing what they want, it’d never be acceptable 


Only things that impressed nigeria parents in Money Money Money. They dont care were the money came from. Just have money they are good.

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