William Kumuyi, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has reacted to the debate over the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

Remember how the All Progressives Congress sparked debate by electing a Muslim as both the President and Vice President?

The decision has since been kicked against by a majority of Nigerians.

Reacting, Kumuyi said that Tinubu took a slippery road in picking Borno Senator, Kashim Shettima as his running mate.

According to him, politicians should be aware that they did not elect themselves into office when making their decision.

He spoke after paying a visit to the Governor of Kwara State, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, yesterday.

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Addressing journalists, the clergyman said: “The Muslim-Muslim or Christian-Christan ticket is a difficult and slippery area.

“The APC presidential flagbearer Bola Tinubu and his party took that slippery way to make Borno Sen and ex-Gov Kashiim Shettima his running mate.

“What I will say is that the political office holders should look at the heartbeat of the country, as well as desires of the people.

“Politicians should know that they are not there for themselves. They are there for all of us. They should ask and make their research about what the nation wants.

“They should ask and make their research on what the country wants, what the people want; if they listen to the people, we will be confident that they will listen to us when they get there.”

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