Proven: These Life Hacks Will Guarantee Ease

Life hacks for ease

The whole purpose of life hacks is to do stuff smarter than you used to; and in essence, get more results. We live in an era that feeds off on information and knowledge. Knowing more gives you an advantage, and information ensures you live a better-off life. Exactly why I’ve put together some life hacks that will help you live a prolific life. Trust me—you’ve never heard them before.

1. One Step at a Time.

This life hack ensures that you do things one after the other. It’s better to use an example here; let’s say you set an alarm, right? You’re supposed to wake up very early in the morning to—let’s say—jog. The alarm rings. The thought that jags you up from bed is

Who is disturbing early in the morning?

Then, you remember, and you think

Oh well, I don’t see myself getting out of bed this morning. We’ll try again tomorrow…

No! Don’t do that. Let’s do this instead; after waking up—albeit reluctantly, tell yourself that the next task is to remove the covers. (Most times, this does the trick for me—those covers can be comfy). Then, tell yourself that the next is to sit up. After successfully sitting up (kudos to you, by the way), you should focus on getting your lazy butt to the edge of the bed. From there, all you need to do is stand up, and voila! Exercise is set!

Finding it hard to pray? Get on your knees fest—let the Holy Spirit do the rest! #wink

2. A To-Do List

On some other days, it feels like there’s just too much work to do. Everything and anything is screaming for your attention. It would seem as though life were about to choke you. Do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, and write a To-Do list.

Put the more important/urgent at the top of the list; see how your life becomes more organized and arranged. Besides, there are few things that compare to checking an item off the list. Delicious! Just delicious, I tell you.

3. Learn to Love Pick-Me-Ups.

Have you ever had such a stressful or depressing day, and suddenly, you hear something, or you do something, and your day turns around for the better? We call those Pick-Me-Ups. Life’s too short not to do them every once in a while.

For example, you could decide to go on YouTube to watch some particularly funny clips of comedians you like. Who knows, after a frustrating day, put together a playlist of songs you really like, play them, and sing at the top of your voice. Alternatively, play some nice groovy songs, and rock your body like you just don’t care!

These are some of the stuff I use to pick myself off when I’m feeling depressed. They do work for me—and I hope they would for you too.

I would’ve loved to write more life hacks but I’ll have to stop here because of space. Do comment here if you want me to release more. (I’ve got some spectacularly lip-smacking ones #wink).

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