Saida Boj Recovers Her 1.3 Million Follower TikTok Page

Mixed feelings trail the controversial influencer, Saida Boj as she regains access to her 1.3 million followers TikTok page days after losing it.

It would be recalled that some days ago, she made a controversial statement about men and money, insisting on payment from any man who approached her while claiming it would cost N20M for a man to be with her.

These statements caused her to trend on social media for about a week, costing her all her social media pages.

However, her Tiktok page has been reinstated, stirring mixed reactions among social media users who initially rejoiced about the loss.

Saida Boj regains 1.3 million TikTok page

Netizens questioned if her ban was a strategic move to stay relevant while others shared different opinions on her reinstatement.

Reactions as Saida Boj regains access to banned TikTok page

obaksolo wrote: “Nice Strategy.”

mary_echendu said: “The girl is on funds.”

olaaiideaishat added: “We are touching a lot money this week amen.”

threalmaya_amaka wrote: “If you’re happy for her hit this button.”

flossy_miju opined: “This girl is bigger than VDM.”

officialogvictor noted: “We must report it back button.”

iamkingdinero1 noted: “???????? When you are Big you are Big ????????, I say I must marry this girl once my 20 meter complete.”

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