Tems Reveals How She Prevented Producers from Making Advances

Despite having a magnificent body and physique, Tems reveals how she almost lost confidence in her appearance due to distraction from producers when she simply wanted to make music.

The Grammy award-winning Nigerian singer shared this revelation in a conversation with YouTuber and content creator Korty EO.

Tems explained that her dislike for her body stemmed from her focus on producing and releasing music, rather than a desire to be noticed for her physical appearance.

She revealed that her body posed a career hindrance, hence, she switched from wearing cute outfits to baggy ones to reduce attention from producers.

Tems on how she used to hate her body

“I used to not always like my body. I just didn’t understand a lot of things. I was going to a lot of studios alone, meeting people I didn’t know and had never met. I’ll message people to ask them to teach me how to produce music for people”.

“So, because of my objective which is just wanting to make music, if my being attractive is disturbing you and stopping me from achieving my goal, I am going to help you. So, when I go to the studio, I wear like baggy clothes and I’m in my alpha mode because I want you to not be seduced by me.”

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