Faye married his first wife, Marie 15 years ago, and Absa, just last year.

Senegal’s newly elected president, has not only changed the course of history, but will also be introducing the citizens of the country to something they have not witnessed before.

For the first time in the history of the country, two women will hold the title of the first lady. This is because the newly elected president Bassirou Diomaye Faye, is married to two women.

Although Senegal is one of the 58 countries of the world that legalises polygamy, they have never had a president practicing this type of marriage.

Faye victory in the presidential elections was a surprise to everyone. He won 54.3% of the votes, despite the fact that he was still in prison two weeks before the election for criticising the independence of the Senegalese judicial system on social media. This win made him the youngest president ever elected in the history of Senegal.

According to a former culture minister of the country, Faye’s marriage situation requires a revision of protocol. Faye is married to two women; Marie, whom he married 15 years ago, and Absa whom he married last year.

Both will now hold the title of first lady, which is a completely new situation in the country.

Polygamy is legalized in the West African Country due to the fact that majority of its citizens are practicing Islam. According to the doctrines of the religion, a man can marry up to four wives, as long as he has the capacity to provide for them with the same standard of living.

Faye’s situation highlights another place on the map where traditional norms and rules are redefined in the face of new realities.


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