Slangs and Meanings: Only Nigerians Can Relate With

Slangs and Meanings: Only Nigerians Can Relate With

As a Nigerian, I would be really surprised if you say you aren’t familiar with most of these slangs I’m about to mention, you could say, you don’t really understand what they mean, but I’m sure you’ve heard them before.
Most of the times we hear guys communicate with these slangs and it’s so funny how some of them think girls don’t understand this, but if you fall into the category of girls or guys that get confused when your friends are using this slangs, then you really need this.

  1. E go be: I’ve heard this a lot of times and I’m sure you’ve had also. So just in case you were wondering what ” E go be” means, It means till then
    2) E be things: Okay this slang is usually said when something is getting real or serious
    3) Cast: This slang is usually said when a secret is now out in the open and everyone is aware of it. For e.g. Ronke don cast oo
    4) How far that Parole?: This is usually said when someone is asking about an ongoing situation.
    5) Carry Belle: E.g. Cynthia don carry belle, that means Cynthia is pregnant.
    6) Fall Hand: E.g Abeg, no fall my hand oo..It means to not disappoint.
    7) I go change am for you: This is usually said by the speaker directed to warn someone to be careful and not get him/her angry.
    8) Burst my Brain/Head: It is said by the speaker when he is very impressed about something
    9) All Join: This is said by the speaker when he is trying to group a number of things as one. It means everything is included.
    10) Chao: E.g . Guy hwfa you don chao? This means have you eaten? Chao means to eat.

There are many more slangs out there. I just listed 10 i’m sure we are very familiar with and just incase you were ever confused about the meaning of any slang listed above, I hope this article have been able to solve that.

The comment section below is open for you to write your thoughts on this article, and if you feel I was incorrect about any or you also want to drop a very popular slang and the meaning. Please feel free😊. If you read to this part, Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate. Drop a comment and please share❀

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The post make brain. You sabi


Damn πŸ˜‚
Thanks for This
I found 1 that I didn’t know what it means πŸ˜‚
I’ve always wanted to ask people but I didn’t know how to
This is great πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯✊🏽

Slangs and Meanings: Only Nigerians Can Relate With

by Precious Adebayo time to read: 3 min

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