Small Businesses That Are Profitable This Season

Hello Guys, It’s a new month, Yay!! I wish you all a Happy New Month. As we all know it’s December, a season of celebration, as Christmas is around the corner. Christmas is a time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ, and it is always beautiful celebrating with our family and loved ones, Abi I lie?

We all know that this year has been “crazy”, with the whole lockdown and all, I guess it will finally be a good cause to get together with friends and family this festive season.

Now you will agree with me that there is no celebration without expenditure. If you haven’t given it a thought, or you have nothing in mind, and you are disturbed that you have little or no plans for Christmas, worry no more cause there are small businesses that are profitable this season that you may want to look into

1. Online and Offline Food Vendors:

This is a festive season so there will be a lot of eating here and there. Abi you no dey chop for Christmas? Lol. Most people would want to get people to come to their homes to do the cooking or may just want to make an order. Venturing into this business, could just be the right choice for you, trust me.

2. Gift Item Dealers:

It’s that time of the year again when organizations love to give their staff and potential customers gift hampers to boost their confidence and as a way of appreciating them for a job well done, diving into this kind of business can be a sure win for you, just get gift baskets and do some magic with it.

3. Event Planning:

There is no event without an event planner. If you decide to go for this, it won’t be bad, cause you might get a lot of jobs this season and make a brand for yourself

4. Mastering A Ceremony:

Nothing is as sweet as having an MC and a DJ for your party, I mean those guys are the life of the party, and the interesting part, is that this particular service can fit into any budget.

5. Sell Clothes:

The price of clothes increase during festive periods, so if you want to make good money during this Christmas, Sell good and affordable clothes. Everyone loves to look good during festive periods and they take it as a tradition to buy new clothes, so sell to your family and church members, and even your neighbors and get some good money this Christmas.

The sweet thing about this list, is that it can fit into any budget, and it is appropriate for you, so don’t dull on this one, Your December too can be detty, don’t ask me how, *winks* try it out and thank me later.

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