Bullying is a very trivial issue most people don’t actually talk about that much. I mean you could see people talking about racism, gender issues, feminism and the likes but people hardly talk about bullying. A lot of people are aware of the physical bullying that these children and teenagers face, but what they aren’t aware of is that these children get bullied in other ways aside physical bullying.

You probably might be thinking what other types of bullying am I talking about, I’ll tell you. There are many types of bullying. We have:

  1. PHYSICAL BULLYING: This involves the use of one’s physical strength to exert power over peers such as kicking and punching. Unlike Verbal bullying and the rest, the effects of physical bullying are easy to spot.
  2. VERBAL BULLYING: This is when an individual uses verbal language such as tease and insults to gain power over his or her peers. Victims of Verbal bullying find it very hard to recover.
  3. RELATIONAL AGGRESSION: This is an aggression whereby harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationship or social status.
  4. CYBER BULLYING: This is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means and this is very rampant among teenagers.
  5. SEXUAL BULLYING: This is a type of bullying and harassment that occurs in connection with a person’s sex, body or with sexual activity.
  6. PREJUDICIAL BULLYING: Harassing and bullying people because of their race, religion and sexual orientation.

Most people have encountered this but they didn’t count it as bullying. Bullying is a very serious offense that has damaging effect on a person such as low performance, depression and even suicide and that is why most schools have now taken the issue of bullying so serious that if you get caught bullying, you could be expelled

Not only the bully victims are affected on the long run, even the bullies get affected too. They become Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, they become abusive in their relationships and many more. Only a few people get to rise to challenge their bullies and a large number of teenagers commit suicide as a result of bullying and most parents aren’t even aware of this, because the victims are always silent about it.

Let’s stop the bullying in any way we can, even if the least you can do is create awareness about the effects of bullying and how bully victims can recover. It will go a long way. It could save a life.

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