Happiness is free, it won’t cost you a thing, but too often we deprive ourselves of happiness due to our Perception, Ingratitude, and our very own Choice.

Happiness is Influenced by our Perception 

Ayo and Mark both received an alert the same Saturday, the investment their friend Tunde introduced them into just paid off. At first, they had their doubts but it turned out to be real. 

Ayo was pleased, he had invested twenty thousand naira only and has earned a 100% interest. He couldn’t contain his joy, indeed, if happiness was a picture he would have been the face. 

Mark invested fifty thousand naira and earned a 100% interest too. However, he sat at a corner and buried his head in his palms.  

Ayo observing his friends’ mood asked what was wrong. To his surprise, Mark went on a rampage of complaints. He kept whining about how he ought to have invested more, and had made a very big mistake by investing just fifty thousand naira. A stunned Ayo asked him if he wasn’t at least happy about what he just earned, but Mark simply got agitated and insisted that there was absolutely nothing to be happy about. He stormed off swearing bitterly.

Same situation, two different perceptions, and consequently different reactions. Your perception of events affects your ability to be happy.

Happiness is Obstructed by Ingratitude.

Tunde walked into his friends flat with an air of pride, expecting to be welcomed with a basket of gratitude. To his surprise, he met Mark with a frown. His heart skipped a beat as he thought probably the investment failed to yield returns for his friend. Before he could ask what was wrong, Mark launched a verbal attack on him.

He accused Tunde of not being a good friend because if he was a good friend he wouldn’t have allowed him to invest so little. “In fact, Tunde, I know it was because of the referral bonus you told me of that investment scheme, and not because you wanted me to make money. No wonder you did not convince me hard enough so that I could have invested more. Whereas you are basking in millions.” Mark said hotly.

Tunde was taken aback, he did not expect such ingratitude from Mark but he was too startled to express his anger. Before he could find the right words, Ayo walked into the room beaming. He hurriedly walked towards Tunde, shook his hands, and said, “My friend you did well. That investment paid just as you said it would. Thank you, bro! I appreciate.” 

On hearing those words, Mark stood up abruptly, sighed, and left their presence.

Ungrateful people will find it difficult to be happy. Gratitude is key to obtaining happiness.

Happiness is a Choice.

Ayo invited his girlfriend over. He took her to a local bush bar and they ordered drinks and barbecue. Still basking in happiness, Ayo informed her that his investment paid off and she should consider investing too. They had an evening filled with laughter and sheer happiness.

Mark’s girlfriend Anita came over to the house, and he spent the entire evening complaining. He lamented about how one has to wait for three months before getting the returns of one’s investment. So if he invest again, he would have to wait for another three months to get his returns. He regretted not investing more the first time. Anita had to spend her evening consoling her boyfriend.

At night, Ayo went to bed cuddling his girlfriend. He told himself he was going to invest way bigger this time, still, he was grateful for what he had. Smiling, he said a silent prayer and slept peacefully.

Mark went to bed sulking. He assured himself he was going to invest way more this time around. He shut his eyes and slept angrily.

Happiness is free but you have to choose to be happy. 

Sadly, there are so many people just like Mark. Therefore, though happiness is free, they rarely get to experience it. Be like Ayo! Just like Mark, he knew to invest more was a better idea, but he didn’t let that stop him from being happy for what he had.

Happiness is indeed free!

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